Riccardo Poggioli


My name is Riccardo Poggioli, I am 18 years old and I live in Rome. I graduated from the scientific high school. Thanks to my parents, during the last summers I had the possibility to attend English courses abroad to improve my knowledge of English and to come in contact with foreign students. These experiences were very important because helped me to become more independent, grow up and learn about the culture from other countries. Since I went to school, I've been practicing a lot of sports such as basket, football, swimming and for the last seven years I played waterpolo, that gave me a lot of satisfactions. From this very hard sport I learned to play, act, think and cooperate as a team, seven players who behave as a single person; this experience was fundamental for my life. I decided to choose Global governance as I like the subjects, the way they are presented together to form a comprehensive course of study given and attended by teachers and students from all over the globe. I am sure that Global governance will give me a wider view of the reality and will help me to become a person able to better know some of the problems of the world and maybe to solve them.