Alice Sebastiani


My name is Alice Sebastiani, I’m 19, I was born in Turin and I attended an international Spanish high school. Growing up in a family that has lived abroad for many years in many different countries, gave me the opportunity to approach various ways of living and thinking. I have met a wide number of people from different parts of the world, introducing me to multiculturalism. Having spent three months in Spain for two consecutive years as an exchange student, I realized that I did not have the sense of “belonging" to my own country, but that instead I felt I was part of a wider reality called world.                                                                                                                                                       Thinking and living my everyday life in Italian, simultaneously studying in Spanish, English and over the last few years in French, has taught me that individual languages have a considerable impact on the structure of the mind. These languages and cultures allowed me to identify and clarify the changes in Europe, as well as the ones concerning the whole world. I am sure that what went on in the past is still highly relevant nowadays. Understanding our past is vital to comprehend the future, and this increases my interest in the aspects which the Global Governance program covers.