Ludovica Vallati


I am Ludovica and I am nineteen years old, I was born in Rome and I attended linguistic high school at “Liceo Virgilio” in Rome. I have traveled a lot in my life, especially in Europe and I had the chance to improve the languages which I have studied. I define myself as determinate, emphatic and curious. This curiosity pushed me to start studying my fifth language: Russian, which I think is an interesting culture. What is more, I have always believed, and I still believe, that everyone has to fight for improving our society. For this reason I began to work, in my own small way, as class’ representative during the last two years of high school. I have chose Global Governance as next step to continue this work because I think it is the right faculty for achieve this goal for my future. In my free time I love swimming, which I have been practicing since I was a little girl, and listening to music. My strongest passion is art in all its form such as cinema, painting and music. I am very glad to join the team of Global Governance and I can not wait to start this new adventure.