Lucia Von Borries

Von Borries

I’m Lucia (19 years old) from Germany. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with the world at my doorstep. I pretty much lived in a village near Munich my whole life, but thanks to my parents we always had a lot of visitors from interesting countries and the opportunity to explore the world through travel. I fell in love exchanging experiences and lifestyles with the people I met and I eventually knew I wanted to work in a job field that is very international and enables me to work from different places.
After finishing my High School at an International School in the north of Thailand I wanted to place my new stop a little closer to home and my family. Both my siblings study in Germany and our old exchange student from South Africa, who’s kind of like a brother to me now, is finishing up Uni in San Francisco.
I love reading and especially music gives me the needed balance in my life. Even though I haven’t even left home yet I already miss my dogs Lili and Baxter. I’m into cooking and sharing with friends. I’ll definitely be the one to bring snacks to class, cause it makes it so much easier to make friends over food.
I’m just so excited to meet more likeminded people who are open to learning more about the world and bringing everyone a little closer together.