Tommaso Subioli


Hello, my name is Tommaso Subioli, I was born in Rome 19 years ago and I have been living here my whole life.
I love reading, listening to music and playing sports, expecially basketball and football, which I both practised at a professional level. I prefer team sports because I think teamwork is the key to reach any goal and I like the fact that you can create solid human relations with your teammates.
I have been a member of AGESCI, the greatest scout organization in Italy, since I was 9, so scouting played a fundamental role in defining me as a person while I was growing up, teaching me very important values such as respect, hospitality, caring for the others.
A key experience for me, apart from scout, was taking part during the summer of 2015 in an international volunteer project in Germany. Working there side by side with people from all over the world made me understand the importance of coming out of my “comfort zone” to embrace diversity and interculturality.
I chose the B.A. in Global Governance because I think it can give me all the instruments to fully understand this world of ours, getting me ready to face the complicate challenges of globalisation and international relations, while giving me the chance to study with a small group of wonderful people and to be enhanced by the presence of foreign students.