Rebecca Biraschi


Hello, my name is Rebecca Biraschi and I am 19 years old. I am from Rome and I have always lived in this city. I love sports especially the outdoor activities, since I am a nature lover. I love travel, and my two travel companions are my camera, and my guitar. I attended a Classical High School and last winter I applied for the BA in Global Governance. What mostly appeal me of this BA are two factors that satisfy my aspirations for the future: the opportunity of studying with people from different countries, and the plan of studies that this course offers. Since I was a child, I became aware of the richness of diversity. Being the fifth of nine children my eyes have been used to see the world through eight or more different eyes, and later on I had the opportunity of benefit from diversity through those experiences abroad that I had the privilege to undertake. Furthermore, this course of study perfectly matches my desire to have the possibility, one day, to deal with social, economic, political and legal problems that are globally present, in order to not be a passive spectator of this world, but to work to make the difference.