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Bruschetta Anna


I am Anna Bruschetta, born in Rome from a half American mother and Sicilian father. I have always found languages fascinating having attended an English school for my primary education and therefore decided to choose a high school which offered an esabac program allowing me to study French at an excellent level while taking the traditional courses of the “classico” (i.e. Latin and greek). However my interests obviously go beyond academics. I know I am not very original with my absolute love for travelling which obviously accompanies my interest in languages but if I had to choose to relive one single trip between all the ones I took, I definitely would not go for the cultural one in Berlin or the crazy vacation in Barcelona: my choice would be with no doubt my experience in New York. The glowing lights and movida could not disappoint but it was more than just beauty and having a good time, it was discovering what I wanted for my future, it was getting to know my true passions. Unfortunately I am not one of those gifted people who magically play an instrument or extremely talented for some sport or form of art, but the MUN program allowed me to understand that I am good with words, people and working out a solution which will fit and satisfy all. Diplomacy is the key, but to be effective, one must understand the dynamics of politics, law, economy and all that revolves around global governance. That is why I believe these studies will let my passion free.