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Chen Zhanfei


My name is Chen Zhanfei. I come from Shandong, China. I am a humorous and cheerful boy. In my spare time I like playing basketball or reading a book, sometimes I choose listening to music which can make me feel relaxed. I like travelling because through it I can increase my knowledge. I also have a public-speaking experience. I have the achievements from the elemetary school on this field. In junior high school of time, under the guidance of the teacher of physics, I developed an interest in this course, and studied physics a lot. However my math grades at the high school were much better. I think Global Governance can be applied in a wide range of areas, so it will be a great help for my own growth. The information that this major contains is very extensive, so I do not think the future employment will be a difficult issue. I hope that I can find open-minded friends at the University to encourage one-another to make progress. In the future, I hope to be able to pursue a career related to what I am going to learn, and I think it will be a pleasure to work on the field that I am interested in. I knew it would be difficult to study an the university, because I had to overcome not only the academic problems but also the language barriers, however I am ready to start it. I have also heard that at this university it is hard to graduate, so I will try my best to keep up with what the professors say in the class. Finally, I think that as long as I work hard enough, I can achieve excellent results at the university.