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Ceribelli Arianna


Hi! I am Arianna Ceribelli, I am eighteen years old and I live in Rome. I live with my family and we are four: my parents, my sister and I. I come from a very big family due to the reason that I live in a country place with all my paternal relatives. I really love this way of living because I am never alone and always surrounded by love. In my hobbies I can include reading, going to the gym, staying with my friends and travelling, both with my friends, family and alone. I decided to apply to this course when Professor Piga came to my school, F. Vivona and told us about what the course deals with. Infact I was searching for a course like this and when I discovered it,  I decided to apply. Now I consider myself really lucky since in September I’m going to start this class.  I am a very punctual, responsible, resolute and determined, infact I never give up before reaching my goal.
See you soon, Arianna.