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Coffa Alessandro


My name is Alessandro, I am 19 and I recently graduated from  “Liceo classico Francesco Vivona” high school in Rome, my birth city. I enjoy life in many of its aspects. I  have a passion for music,  which I listen to very often and I play guitar. I love literature, cinema and theatre. I attended a drama workshop in my school with which I had the honor to win the “Premio Giorgio Gaber per le nuove generazioni”, an award for young acting companies. I enjoy doing sports. I recall with pleasure especially playing rugby. It taught me the values of determination and teamwork. I always approach reality with a critical thinking in order to gain useful lessons. In fact, I am very curious and I attempt to interpret social, political and economical issues that surround me through the means given to me by history and philosophy, subjects which I have been fond with since I was a little child. I desire, thanks to study of politics, philosophy and economy, to become a key player of my time and to look at the future of my generation and my professional career with more awareness and hope. I want to understand and study this new, complex, globalized world with a lot of opportunities, but simultaneously signed by injustice, thus being helpful to the others and the community. I participated in the “Top Talent Summer School” of Tor Vergata in which I embraced the spirit and the founding values of this course and I am convinced it will mark my future path. I am ready to start this new adventure!