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Conte Michele


Hi, everyone! My name is Michele and I am from Rome. Thanks to my family, I have travelled around the world visiting various countries. Thus, I have had the chance to better understand many cultures and how diverse they are.
Two years ago I decided to become an exchange student so I left Italy and landed in Boise, United States. I knew very little about the city and even less about the people I was going to meet but I worked my way to make it the best experience of my life. I learned greatly from the exchange and I gained many skills while on my own in a different country. I became more independent, pragmatic and most of all, I became an international student who wishes to do further studies in international relations and ultimately, work abroad.
I consider myself a social person, able to work well in a group and very involved in current issues because I care about my future. I have come to believe that a global education is fundamental to understanding the dynamics of our world. What I am looking forward to learning now are the tools to analyze today’s issues and the competence to face them in every field concerned.