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Ferace Stefano


Hello everyone! My name is Stefano Ferace and  I am 18 years old. I’m from Rome and I have attended a classical high school. My two biggest passions are traveling around the world and football, I always follow and support the team of Napoli.  During high school, I spent a semester in Canada (year 2015), in the area of Vancouver and this period stimulated me to focus on the humanitarian crisis. I plan to develop my professional career in International Relations, Politics, Philosophy and Law related areas. My passion for International Relations dates back to my childhood when I began to spend my summer holidays attending English language courses in the UK. During those years I have met people from several countries and I have had the opportunity to get to know different cultures and compare lifestyles of my college mates to mine. I was fascinated! I am so excited to attend a program like this which is characterized by an international and multicultural environment that perfectly fits my interests and provides knowledge, experience, that I was looking for.