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Gasparini Viola


Hi everybody! My name is Viola Gasparini. I was born and raised in Rome and I spent most of my academic career in the Italian education system. However, I spent the last two years of high school in an international boarding school in England, attending the International Baccalaureate.
Out of all my subjects of the IB, I believe Business Management to be the one that has inspired me and opened my eyes more. Because of it, I developed an interest in global politics, especially in its relationship with the media. What interests me of the nowadays society is the relationship between mainstream media, marketing and politics, and that led me to choose Global Governance alongside with my beliefs regarding the importance of interdisciplinary education and passion for international environments.
A passion that I have cultivated for over 8 years is Scouting, more specifically in the Scout Nautici Antares. I am currently in the Rover division, after participating in both Cubs and Scouts division.