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Muehlbauer Simon


Hello! My name is Simon Muehlbauer. I am 20 years old and I come from Germany. I like to travel around, but I spent most of my life in Germany. To understand the world a little better I wanted to get out of the everyday life there and see places of which I had not even heard of. 
After graduating last year I became a volunteer with Don Bosco volunteers Bonn (Germany) and moved to Timor-Leste, a small and young island state between Indonesia and Australia. There I lived in the community of Fatumaca, a small village deep in the Timorese mountains, taught English, learned Tetum (one of the many local languages) and helped on the fields or in youth groups. 
In Timor, another volunteer told me about the Global Governance course in Rome and I thought: I have a passion for international affairs, I love to meet new people and I have never been to Rome before. So I applied right away.
In Timor, I saw more than before how many things go wrong in international politics every day. Together with the Global Governance class, I hope not only to see what is wrong today but to learn how to make a better tomorrow together.