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Pattiya Pavulage Don Ama Hansanie Weeraratne

Sri Lanka

My name is Ama Weeraratne. I am 20 years old and I was born in Italy. I did my studies in Sri Lanka. I did French, Logic and Economics as main subjects. Apart from my studies I always loved to play Table Tennis as a leisure time activity.
Since my childhood I was very interested in languages, so I followed the French course in Alliance Française in Sri Lanka. Later on I got selected for a volunteer teaching project which was conducted by AIESEC of the University of Rome La Sapienza and AIESEC Sri Lanka. There I taught English in the city of Frosinone in Italy for 2 months. This experience made me fall in love with international relations and global affairs. Starting from that I got to know the importance of cultural diversity and I started building up my path to my dream which is to work in the UN or in any other organization.
Even though I got selected to a university in Sri Lanka, I always wanted to cooperate with people from different cultures and to be in an international environment, so that I can easily get closer to my goals.
There I found this B.A. in Global Governance which is the most suitable one for me to gain more knowledge and reach my potential to lead, empower and make a change in this world.