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Pellizzieri Camilla


My name is Camilla Pellizzieri, I am 18 years old, I was born in Rome and I have just graduated from an international Spanish high school, here in Rome. I would depict myself as a positive and friendly person who believes borders and barriers can be broken down by improved dialogue between different cultures willing to learn from one another and listen to the diverse points of view. In fact, one of my favorite hobbies is traveling and I am fortunate enough to have traveled around the world discovering customs and traditions that helped me to broaden my perspective about life and controversial issues.
I am confident that we have the power to change this world by teaching principles of kindness, tolerance and being ourselves activists, protecting our rights and the rights of others. That is the reason why I chose the Global Governance B.A. program, with the hope that thanks to it, one day, I will be able to contribute to solving the problems that affect our world negatively.