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Bertola Alice


My name is Alice Bertola, I am eighteen years old and I was born in Florence. I went to "Liceo Scientifico Farnesina" of Rome. During my school career I have been elected in several positions representing my schoolmates. Arts and Sports are my passions. In my free time, I enjoy visiting museums and horseback riding.  During recent years, I nurtured my interest in a “global view” by taking part in several International experiences, such as attending a six-month school academic exchange in the USA and taking part in the RIMUN (Rome International Model United Nations) project as staff, delegate and chairwoman. These experiences have helped me to understand the importance of a social and economic environment based on exchange and international communication, as well as expand my horizons and open my eyes to the world around me. It's my strong belief that comparison and integration of different cultures, social contexts and experiences represent the stimulus for enhancing our educational development.
For all these reasons I believe that the Global Governance course perfectly meets the educational path that I wish to follow. I have deeply appreciated the overall quality of this course and its various extra-curricular activities.