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Iovieno Annalisa


Hello, my name is Annalisa Iovieno, I am 18 years old and I am from Rome (Italy). I attended Liceo  Scientifico Cannizzaro, and during my fourth year I went to Suffolk One sixth form College in Ipswich (UK) for 6 months. My strongest passion is travelling, which is something my parents transmitted me as we have visited many different countries across the world. The best part of travelling is that you have the opportunity to know other cultures and be fascinated by all of them but also understand how human conditions change in different parts of the world. I think this course will enable me to understand from a political, economical and social perspective global issues and how to approach them and bring about change. That is why I chose it. Another interest that has shaped me is being a member of a scout group for the past 12 years. Thanks to this experience, I have learned to respect the world we live in by having an active role in it and this is something I want to keep on doing.