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Grobri Francesco


Hi, I am Francesco, I am 19 years old and I live in the eternally beautiful city of Rome.
I enjoy practicing sports, but now my first occupation is writing novels and poetries; art has become an important presence in my life, but everybody knows that art is the very manifesto of the era it lives in.
Global Governance B.A is the perfect way to have a great and solid knowledge of the world in most of its prerogatives. This program is so various it may give me a lot of tools to really understand the world and that is what bewitched me.
As Chateaubriand, Neruda or Sartre taught us, men and art flow together in the same environment and the first one of them has to know and understand it to create the second one, but listen, what a pleasure to have the instruments to create art but also to do something materialistically important for this world!
I think that this B.A is the most complete way to use your flair in both ways; political, economical and social.