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Yli Isidora


My name is Isidora Yli. I have both a Serbian and a Norwegian ethnicity. As a bilingual person, I have always had an interest for other languages and cultures. Fortunately, I've been so lucky to be able to cultivate this passion. Especially this last year which I spent in Rome tasting all sorts of gelato, among other things.
For as long as I can recall I have had a drive for seeking justice in my surroundings. Therefore I have been engaged in humanitarian work focused on health and poverty. In all instances, I have learned how to achieve honorable goals through teamwork, which I plan to continue to do with my fellow students. I have chosen to study Global Governance because it is an innovative, ambitious and creative project which focuses on creating a sustainable future. In other words, I consider it a unique possibility to live la "dolce vita" in Rome whilst investing in a better future for all.
I'm excited to participate in a cross-cultural environment that seeks the core common values of the world. Furthermore, I look forward to broadening my own and other's perspective with debates about the essential topics concerning Global Governance.