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Bonessi Livia


My name is Livia Bonessi, I am 18 years old and have recently graduated from Vittoria Colonna high school in Rome. Since I was young, I have been taking dance lessons, which provided me with solid principles and a strict conduct, whilst at the same time inspiring me to become more creative. Despite having always lived in Italy, I have always possessed a strong interest in exploring other cultures. I have recently taken part in Erasmus, a foreign exchange trip to Portugal with people from Spain, Germany, Italy and Austria. This allowed me to discover incredibly interesting buildings, such as Sintra, a hilltop 19th century National Palace. During this experience, my team and I also discussed the distinct differences between different cultures and economies. The project was centrally focused on youth unemployment, where my team and I discussed different social and economic issues that could be tackled in order to solve this. Through this, I was able to value the importance of team work and sharing ideas with others.
I chose the B.A. in Global Governance as I think it is an opportunity for me to study global issues and acknowledge different cultures.