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Berardi Maria Vittoria


Hi! I am Maria Vittoria, I am 18 years old and I was born and raised in Rome. I have just finished my five years at the classic high school where I had the opportunity to know several students and face a hard plan of studies. I can say that the high school experience made me grow up mentally and spiritually, since I have understood how to manage different situations, above all the hard ones. Apart from this, I have many hobbies such as photography and especially drawing, but I am also a great sports lover, as I have practiced many such as: volleyball and football, where I got involved in the team game, and most of all, tennis. My greatest passion is travelling since I have always been attracted by the different cultures and people around the world, in fact this is one of the main reasons why I applied for this course attended by students from many countries. In addition to this, I also applied because I love global matters, mainly the ones regarding environmental problems and globalization, hoping to acquire the right tools to approach them. Indeed I believe in a better world and this is why I hope for my future to have the possibility to work in international organizations and to fight the current problems negatively affecting the world.