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Campione Raffaele


My name is Raffaele Campione, I am nineteen years old and I was born in Rome, yet my mother and therefore half of my family is Cuban.

I attended Liceo Classico Francesco Vivona, where I discovered my love for literature, arts, and politics, however my biggest passion is Basketball, which I practice since I was 8 years old and still today I continue playing in my neighborhood club.

I decided to undertake the Global Governance Bachelor of Arts since I have  always been very curious not in a particular subject but in many and extremely different fields.

Furthermore I have been fascinated by the international approach of this course and by its strong values that I deeply embrace.

I am sure that these next three years will help me growing, not only as a student, enriching my knowledge, but also as a person, and will allow  me to understand  in which area should I specialize for my Master's degree.