Angela Romano

European University Institute

Angela Romano (PhD in International History) is Senior Research Fellow at the EUI and project manager in the ERC-funded project ‘Looking West: the European Socialist regimes facing pan-European cooperation and the European Community’ (or PanEur1970s). She has previously been Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow, Marie Curie Fellow at London School of Economics (LSE), and Jean Monnet Fellow at the EUI.
Her main research interests include Cold War, EC/EU’s external relations, integration and cooperation processes in Europe, the CSCE process, and transatlantic relations. She has published extensively on these topics, and has been invited to present her research to numerous international conferences and workshops across Europe, as well as in the United States, Russia, and Japan.
Among her publications: From Détente in Europe to European Détente. How the West Shaped the Helsinki CSCE (Brussels: Peter Lang, 2009); ’Untying Cold War knots: The European Community and Eastern Europe in the long 1970s’, Cold War History (2014) 14: 2; ‘European Socialist Regimes facing Globalisation and European Cooperation: Dilemmas and responses’, European Review of History (2014) 21:2, special issue with Federico Romero; and ‘Circumventing the Cold War: The Parallel Diplomacy of Economic and Cultural Exchanges between Western Europe and Communist China, 1949–1964’, special issue of Modern Asian Studies (2017) 51:1, with Valeria Zanier. She is currently finalising her second monograph (Routledge, 2018), which analyses the role of the EC in Cold War Europe.

Contact: angela.romano@eui.eu

Website: https://www.eui.eu/DepartmentsAndCentres/HistoryAndCivilization/People/Fellows/Profiles/Romano