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GG History  Master Tour | October 2019

Also this year the Comparative Business History course of Professor Daniela Felisini will offer Global Governance students a precious international experience.

Part of the course, in fact, will take place in the Baltic city of Gdansk (Poland). An important port on ancient commercial routes  and member of the Hanseatic League, it was considered the wealthiest and largest city of Poland until the 17th century. In a disputed region between Poland and Germany during the interwar period, in Gdansk there was the first clash of the Second World War.
The lessons of this History Master Tour will be housed in the magnificent building of the European Solidarity Center, (ECS), a research center and a historical museum of European relevance,  dedicated to the Solidarnosc movement, which played a major role in the crucial political transition of Central Eastern Europe and in the Revolutions of the 1989..

The course will be completed with seminars offered by  scholars of the Center itself and of the Gdansk University of Technology

Visits to important historical sites will also be carried out: to the Museum of Second World War,  5 thousand square meters entirely dedicated to the dramatic events of the war and its protagonists; to the Emigration Museum in Gdynia, dedicated to an ancient and at the same time current phenomenon and to the Stutthof concentration camp, one of the hardest Nazi camps, transformed, after 1942, into an extermination camp for the "final solution".The visits will be guided by experts and will be the object of debate between teachers and students.
This set of lessons and visits transforms this journey into a unique opportunity for a true full immersion in history!

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