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The University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and Management of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia and the Bachelor of Arts in Global Governance of the University of Rome Tor Vergata organize the third edition of the Winter School in “Politics and Institutions in Germany and Italy: innovations and common trends”.
The programme is reserved to seven-ten students from each University, in the field of Public Law, Local Government and Political Institutions. The aim of the venture is to foster cooperation among students, the knowledge of respective legal and economic institutions, the mutual understanding of the main features of Italian, German and European legal orders and their respective political institutions, and the role both countries play in the world.
The Winter School will be held in Rome, the 8th and 9th of March 2018, and will be in English. Each participant will prepare a topic of her/his choice to be presented and which will serve as a start for the discussion of the topic.


Thursday 8th March

09.30 Inaugural Address by the Director of the B.A. in Global Governance Prof. Gustavo Piga
9.45 Presentation of the Programme, Prof. Andrea Buratti and Prof. Thomas Weiler
10.00 First Panel - Political parties spectrum, populism and extremism: Presentations by Leonie Trautmann and Francesco Bono
11.00 Second Panel - The role of the Parliament in Germany and Italy. Trends in Federalism and regionalism: Presentations by Constantin von Kleinsorgen, Silvia Marcelli and Chiara Muzi
12.30 Debate
13.30 Lunch Break
15.00 Third Panel - Foreign Relations, with a special focus on the role within the United Nations system: Presentations by Leila Helena Rifahi and Ilaria Miligi
16:00 Conclusion

Friday 9th March

09.30 Fourth Panel - The protection of Human Rights (with specific regard to immigration and refugees): Presentations by Lena Harten and Rebecca Biraschi
10.30 Fifth Panel - Freedom of Religion: trends, legislation and jurisprudence: Presentations by Mary-Josephine Jellwitzki and Sara Marcucci
11.30 Sixth Panel - Equal treatment of LGBTQ people: trends, legislation and jurisprudence: Presentations by Cynthia Kazmierczak and Lavinia D’Achille
12.30 Lunch Break
14.00 Seventh Panel - The role of the Constitutional Courts: Presentations by Lisa Catharina Dahle and Riccardo Poggioli
15.00 Debate
16:00 Conclusion