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6 & 7 May Conference on the European Parliament

Thursday 25 April 2019

Dear EU Pol students,

I have uploaded the final programme of the conference "TOWARDS THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ELECTIONS OF MAY 2019: FORTY YEARS AFTER THE FIRST DIRECT ELECTION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT", organised by Prof. Felisini, which takes place on Monday 6 May (morning only) and Tuesday 7 May (whole day).

I remind you that attendance of the whole conference in mandatory is you want to be consdiered "attending student" in EU Pol politics. You participation in the Q&A sessions of the conference will be factored in the "participation" criterion of your perfomance  assessment in the course of EU Politics.

I also remind that the oral exam for attending students will focus on matters covered at this conference about the EP; therefore make sure you take notes, pay attention, participate, and follow up with prearation for the exam as instructed in class.

Have a nice weekend, and see you in class next Monday,


Please visit the platform and check the list of readings for your presentation

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Dear students,


As mentioned in class today, I have uploaded the list of readings from which you are free to select the one you are most interested for your presentation. If able, please also think about your 2nd most favourite option.

I have also uploaded the guidelines for preparing your presentation, and the form I will use to assess your presentation (those of you who attend HIR are already familiar with both).

Finally, you find all the readings pdf already uploaded.

See you tomorrow;