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Neo4j Slides and Examples

Wednesday 06 May 2020

Dear students,

I have uploaded the slides about Neo4j and the example we have examined during the lesson. 



Neo4j Sandboxes

Tuesday 21 April 2020

A description of most of the Neo4j sandboxes is available in the Teaching Material page.

This description can help you to choose the sandbox to be presented, in most cases the graph data model is also shown.

You can run the sandbox from https://sandbox.neo4j.com/

Midterm AY 2018/19

Tuesday 07 April 2020

The midterm exam of last year is available in the Teaching material section, Syllabus and Exams subsection.

Cancelled Lectures

Wednesday 04 March 2020

The lectures of tomorrow, Thursday March 5th, and aftertomorrow, Friday March 6th are cancelled and will be recuperated later on.