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Module 2


Updated A.Y. 2020-2021

Course Description

The relationship between human and nature is a fundamental one and it takes many different forms around the globe. The way we define this relationship also affect our decision-making process as individuals, businesses, governments and society. How we understand the risk around us, how we decide to manage that risk (what is acceptable and what is not), and how we manage a disaster. We In this course we take a systematic approach to disaster and risk management so that each course discusses one specific topic. We discuss how factors such as rapid urbanization, demographic shift, consumption patterns etc. affect the risk in our societies and the systemic shock brought by climate change. The capacity to understand our risk and to manage it is a core tool to manage change. And as individuals, as governments, as businesses, as societies we change. This course aims to increase your capacity in managing change.  The course is structured around 3 modules, aiming to:

  • Develop an understanding of disaster risk management concepts, terminology and dynamics;
  • Provide a detailed overview of various DRM strategies including sample/case studies;
  • Build up capacity to integrate DRM strategies into various field of interest.

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