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Here below you will find the complete list of our graduated students who enrolled in the A.Y. 2017/18. We are proud to show the excellent results they achieved also thanks to the B.A. in Global Governance.

The aim of this Alumni Archive is to inspire young students like you to reach your goal having a guide to follow.

Feel free to contact our students via email or to follow them on Linkedin, in order to get more advices!

Take a vision of the job categories below to fully understand in which field do they work!


Job Categories

Strategy/Development; Audit/Consulting, Finance:

-Consulting and audit firms;
-Banking and finance industries, or in corporate management, strategy and business development positions;  
-Financial regulatory authorities.

Public Administration & Politics:

-EU Institutions;
-National and local government authorities;
-Large companies that do business with public authorities or focus on european issues.

Human resources & Employee relations:

-Public or private organisations in fields such as HR development (recruitment, university relations, education, career, management etc.), HR studies, HR communication or employee relations;
-Recruitment firms, human resource consulting firms or in corporatee management positions.

Marketing & Communication:

-Organisations looking to publicize their activities, mission or products, from NGOs to multinational coorporations;

-Consulting firms specialised in communication, marketing and advertising.

Press, Media & Publishing:

-Television, radio, press agencies, newspapers, the web etc.

International Cooperation & Development:

-World governance;
-Organisations, including both NGOs and intergovernmental;
-Organisations such as the OECD, UN, IMF, WTO, WB, etc.

Economics & Legal Careers:

-Barristers or solicitors;
-Legal departments of major companies;
-Legal experts in European or international organisations, both governemental and non.

Urban Affairs:

-Consulting firms, architectural firms and design offices;
-Local governments or international organisations, development or urban planning agencies, and in property development;
-Social housing and real estate.

Research & Think Tanks:

-Research institutions;
-Think tanks.


-Start-ups, manage companies or lead entrepreneurial;
-Projects within public or private organisations.

Berardi Maria Vittoria

MA in Development Studies - Graduate Institute Geneva

Bertola Alice

MSc International Security Studies - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa & Università degli Studi di Trento

Bhaiji Tanya

Msc in International Political Economy - London School of Economics

Bonessi Livia

MSc in Global management and politics - Luiss

Bruschetta Anna

MA in International Relations - Luiss

Campione Raffaele

MSc in International Sustainability Management - ESCP Business School

Ceribelli Arianna

MSc European Economy and Business Law - University of Rome Tor Vergata

Chen Zhanfei

MBA European economic and business law - University of Rome Tor Vergata

Coffa Alessandro

MSc in Global Management and Politics - Luiss

Conte Michele

MSc in Finance - Bocconi University
UNIDO - UN Industrial Development Organization - ITPO Italy

Di Maio Giulia

Efthimiadou Xena

MA in International Development - University of Vienna

Gaspari Gloria

MSc in Economics and innovation for management and comunication - Sapienza University of Rome

Gasparini Viola

MA in Economia e Gestione dei Beni Culturali - Ca Foscari University

Giovannini Agnese

MSc in Global Management and Politics - LUISS

Iovieno Annalisa

MSc in International Development Studies - Wageningen University & Research

Lanteri Michela

MSc in economia e management per la gestione dei servizi - University of Rome Tor Vergata

Li Qiao

MBA in Business Administration - University of Rome Tor Vergata
Israeli Air Force - Press, Media & Publishing

Maitles Sarah

Moraes de Lima Alice

MA in Management et commerce international trilingue - Université de Paris8
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - Intern/Trainee

Mühlbauer Simon

Nardis Daniele

MSc in Internation Relations - Alma Mater Studiorium Bologna

Pattiya Pavulage Don Ama Hansanie Weeraratne

MSc in Development and International Cooperation -University of Rome La Sapienza
Municipality of Kurbin - Intern/Trainee

Perisnaka Shila

MSc in Business Administration - Epoka University

Rabaioli Rachele

MA in International Affairs - Hertie School of Governance

Tamburrini Sarah

MA in European and International Studies - Università degli Studi di Trento

Travagli Andrea

MSc in Strategic Management - Rotterdam School of Management

Wang Shunfang

MSc in Statiscial Science - University of Bologna

Yli Isidora

MPhil Theory and Practice of Human Rights - University of Oslo