Antitrust Policy


Mock Trials

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Dear Students,

I have posted the reading material for the mock trials. These will take place on Thursday 22 starting at 10 am. There will be three trials and each will last approximately 1 hour. Read the instructions first and then the other documents. You are free to complement the material I have provided with any other source. Remember to each group should send me an email not later than Wednesday 21 4 pm. All group members should be copied in the email and the mail should attribute the work done individually to each member. If you think that all member contributed equally to the work you can simply state so.

The cases are allocated as following

British Airways (10 am)

Group 1 - Plaintiff

Group 2 - Defendant

Tomra (11 am)

Group 3 - Plaintiff

Group 4 - Defendant

Booking (noon)

Group 5 - Plaintiff

Group 6 - Defendant

For your convenience you can find the groups' composition below.

Group 1
Jan Vojkůvka
Laura Warnecke
Karolína Růžičková
Ida Saranpaa

Group 2
Ciara Fazio
Lourdes Pebida
Renata Akhmadinurova

Group 3
Federico Navarra
Filippo Maurici
Jacopo Orlandi
Flavia Paoloni
Andrea Ruffelli

Group 4
Paula Berbes Miranda
Carmen Llames
Angel Vazquez  Suarez
Paula Fernández Garabal

Group 5
Elise Katilov
Giovanni La Rosa
Antonio Stanco
Emanuele Caggiano
Giovanni Primativo

Group 6
Luisa Lorè
Marco Carli
Alexander Barros
Antonio Russo
Andrea Renzetti