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What is AIESEC Tor Vergata?

AIESEC is the world's largest non-profit university student-run organization. It is present in 127 countries all over the world and has partnerships with many firms and organizations, such as the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). In fact, AIESEC supports the Sustainable Development Goals, which are 17 humanitarian aims that the UN has planned to achieve by 2030.
Our main goal as AIESEC members is reaching Peace, investing in our world’s most precious resource: young people. We aspire to develop leadership in young generations, because only working upon ourselves today, we can become tomorrow’s leaders!

Volunteering & Other Opportunities

As AIESEC Tor Vergata, we offer you two different experiences:

  1. GLOBAL VOLUNTEER: The Global Volunteer program is based on volunteering cross-cultural exchanges that last between 6 and 8 weeks. Leaving with AIESEC can definitely be a life-changing experience: you are going to meet young people from all over the world that have decided to take part in the same project as you. No particular requirements are needed, except for your enthusiasm and  your will to have an impact in our society! Our university supports Global Volunteer in your course: going on an exchange with AIESEC will guarantee you 3 CFU!
  2. Global Talent is an experience of Internship abroad, which aims to develop the leadership of the students while boosting their career in an international environment.
  3. JOIN USDo you know what Mick Jagger, Bono Vox and Bill Clinton have in common? They were all AIESECers!  AIESEC committees work every day to make sure that as many people as possible can leave with us and have a spectacular experience. But being part of a committee can be exciting too! Entering AIESEC, you are going to learn what it really means to work in a team, creating comprehensive strategies to reach a goal while studying a particular target.  In a few words, you will put into practice what you are currently studying!


AIESEC is an international NGO (Non profit organisation), with offices all over the world. Students in Rome and in the University of Tor Vergata also have their own referral committee. For info on AIESEC Tor Vergata please don't hesitate to contact the people below:

AIESEC Tor Vergata:

Email address: romatorvergata@aiesec.it

Local Committee President: Schnideritsch Massimo, mschnideritsch@gmail.com

Facebook page: AIESEC Italia

Official website: AIESEC Italia

BAE Members


Gianni Margherita

Vice President AIESEC

Piola Greta

Vice President Marketing

Schnideritsch Massimo

Local Committee President