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Scholarships for Academic Year 2022/2023

DiSCo Lazio

Students can apply for scholarships and accommodation at the student welfare service provided by Regione Lazio. Usually applications are open from May until July every year.

Application Period: from June 7 to July 20, 2022

You may apply for: scholarships, accommodation, fee reductions, study abroad periods (if already enrolled), and reductions in public transport fees. The amount of scholarships depends on several factors, including your economic situation and location.


Important - if you are granted the scholarship - you will be able to access the scholarship funds only once enrolled.

1. Laziodisco Study grants

To facilitate capably, worthy university students without means provide a study grant to attend degree courses within the limits of the funds available. The maximum amounts are established as follows:

  • € 2.481,75 for “local” students;
  • € 3.598,51 for “commuter” students;
  • € 6.157,74 for “non-local” students.

2. Laziodisco Lodgings

In order to reduce the inconvenience of being distant from the study site and to facilitate attendance at university courses, Laziodisu assigns, within the limits of availability, for a period not exceeding ten months, lodgings in its structures to those registered no later than 31 July 2023. Only “non-local students” registered at universities with registered campuses in Lazio Region may apply for lodgings.

3. Contributions to international mobility

Students who are beneficiaries of Laziodisu study grants, registered at universities in the Lazio Region, including those noted to doctoral courses, have the right, within the limits of availability of funds, to integrate the grant for participation in international mobility programs only once in each degree cycle.

4. Required Documents

Also, remember that to fill out the application, you will need to have a Fiscal Code (Italian Codice Fiscale); you can obtain the fiscal code at the Italian Diplomatic Authority in your country of residence if you are not in Italy.

If you don't own a Fiscal Code yet, please check Laziodisco tutorials.

Call for book vouchers 2021/2022

Applications can be sent from January 24 to March 7, on DiSCo website.


  • To have an ISEEU not higher than 25.000 euro;
  • To be regularly enrolled to the a.y. 2021/2022 within February 18, 2022;
  • To buy the texts between October 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. 

Applications can be sent from January 24 to March 7, on DiSCo website. 

More information are available here: http://www.laziodisco.it/bandi/buoni-libro-2021-2022/ 

Call for Housing grants 2021/2022

Application must be sent starting from December 27, 2021.

The Call for Housing grants 2021/2022 is available at the following link: http://www.laziodisco.it/programma-di-interventi-per-lerogazione-di-buoni-abitativi-a-sostegno-delle-spese-per-lalloggio-da-sostenere-durante-il-corso-di-studi-per-il-supporto-degli-studen/ 

Application must be sent starting from December 27, 2021.

The application must be submitted through the "trasmissione domanda" function, within February 10, 2022, at 12 PM, and the requested documents must be attached. 


  • To be regularly enrolled at the a.y. 2021/2022 in any University within December 31, 2021;
  • To be "laureando", meaning that the student is going to graduate within March 2022;
  • To have an ISEEU not higher than 30.000 euro (to be submitted within December 31, 2021);
  • For international students - to have an ISEEUP (ISEEU Parificato) not higher than 30.000 euro (to be submitted within February 10, 2022);
  • Students who are "vincitori di posto alloggio", who have not yet taken possession of their accommodation, and students who are "idonei non vincitori" who have not yet taken possession of their accommodation, as identified in the final ranking of the Laziodisco scholarship call, are also eligible to participate in this call, with priority in the final ranking. In such cases, students who are winners of this call for applications, within 15 days of the publication of the results, must formally renounce their status as winners or their eligibility for DiSCo accommodation a.y. 2021/2022;
  • Students who have been excluded from the accommodation place in the final list of the Laziodisco scholarship call are also eligible to participate in this call for application;
  • Students are eligible to participate in this call for applications only if they do not have any outstanding administrative positions with Laziodisco (e.g. failure to repay to DiSCo sums due, delay in the release of accommodation, other and/or different irregularities).

Documents to be attached:

  1. Copy of the receipt of registration issued by the Agenzia delle Entrate, any extension registered with the Agenzia delle Entrate and any takeover registered with the Agenzia delle Entrate;
  2. (Only for international students) A copy of the stay permit;
  3. (Only for students who do not reside in Italy) A copy of the ISEEUP - done in one of the CAF agencies in agreement with Laziodisco.

Students can apply using their SPID, CIE or DiSco credentials from December 27, 2021 to February 10, 2022 at 12:00 PM.

Between February 11 and February 21 (at 12 PM) students can modify or integrate the application through the function "Inserisci variazione/integrazione dati domanda". 

Final rankings will be published within March 22, 2022. 

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