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Updated A.Y. 2019-2020

Course Description

The course explains up-to-date standard strategic management process. The coverage ranges from basic analytical tools, through developing strategies, to putting strategic intent into action.
The focus of this course is on developing pragmatic and action-oriented analytical skills supported by a mix of business strategy standard framework coupled with illustrative cases and managerial tools.
The strategy implementation will be deployed by constructing a Balanced Scorecard and a business game simulation.

The objectives of the course are:
• to develop an understanding of the business-strategy framework;
• to understand and apply the analytical tools and lenses used by managers throughout the strategic management process;
• to understand how and why management decisions are taken;
• to develop a strategic map and a balanced scorecard;
• to assess the strategic impact of new technologies.


Schedule of Topics

Topic 1  Strategic management and strategic competitiveness
Topic 2 The external environment analysis (threats and opportunities)
Topic 3 The internal organization analysis (strengths and weaknesses)
Topic 4 Business-level strategy
Topic 5 Corporate-level strategy
Topic 6 Strategy & Innovation
Topic 7 Economics and mathematics of strategy
Topic 8 Globalization and international strategies: managing an international subsidiary
Topic 9 Company culture and strategy
Topic 10 The strategy process: development, formulation and execution
Topic 11 The area strategies and their integration
Topic 12 Megatrends and their impact on Business models
Topic 13 The building of a Strategy Map and of a Balanced Scorecard
Topic 14 Digital transformation and strategy
Topic 15 Digital transformation tool-kit

Topics 1-6 and 14-15 are taught by Prof. Corrado Cerruti and topics 7-13 are taught by Prof. Josef Fidelis Senn (University of Konstanz)


Textbook and Materials

The reference textbook is: H. Volberda, R. Morgan, P. Reinmoller, R. Ireland, R. Hoskisson, Strategic Management. Competitiveness and Globalization. Concepts and Cases, Cengage Learning, 2016.
Plus students are required to study the slides and selected readings (available on the course webpage).