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Data Analytics and SAS ... free online course - register by June 11th

Friday, June 9, 2023

Dear All,

as you well know (and as some of you had asked me) a good knowledge of Analytics is important to whatever study and work path you will take.

SAS (market leader in Analytics / AI) offers us the possibility to do a free self-learning path from a basic module on "Data Literacy" up to "Visual Analytics" and more complex software / analysis methodologies . At the end of the path you will get a digital badge that certifies your knowledge

Anyone interested can sign on the Google Drive below and I will send them all the necessary information:


Those who are interested are welcome to participate in a virtual class on June 12 from 14:00 where a SAS trainer will guide you inside their e-learning platform with a focus on Visual Analytics 

The deadline to register on Google is June 11th

Best regards