Group Interaction and Leadership Groups

Monday 08 April 2019

07/03/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA
08/03/2019        10am-1pm Group DELTA
11/03/2019         2-5pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
13-14/03/2019  Off-Campus Activity at the Airforce Academy in Pozzuoli Group 1
14-15/03/2019  Off-Campus Activity at the Airforce Academy in Pozzuoli Group 2
                             (For GG3 it is optional and they will join this group)

22/03/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
27/03/2019        9am-12am Group GAMMA, 1-4pm Group DELTA

10/04/2019        9am-12am Group DELTA, 1-4pm Group GAMMA - Campus X
11/04/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
12/04/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
19/04/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA, 2-5pm Group DELTA
03/05/2019         2-5pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
10/05/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
23/05/2019        10am-1pm and 2-5pm Group GAMMA
24/05/2019        10am-1pm and 2-5pm Group DELTA
29/05/2019         2-5pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
30/05/2019         2-5pm Group GAMMA+DELTA

Classes with no room indicated in the timetable will be at Campus X, Sala Alfa (except March 13,14,15 in Pozzuoli)