Group Interaction and Leadership Groups

Monday 08 April 2019

07/03/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA
08/03/2019        10am-1pm Group DELTA
11/03/2019         2-5pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
13-14/03/2019  Off-Campus Activity at the Airforce Academy in Pozzuoli Group 1
14-15/03/2019  Off-Campus Activity at the Airforce Academy in Pozzuoli Group 2
                             (For GG3 it is optional and they will join this group)

22/03/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
27/03/2019        9am-12am Group GAMMA, 1-4pm Group DELTA

10/04/2019        9am-12am Group DELTA, 1-4pm Group GAMMA - Campus X
11/04/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
12/04/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
19/04/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA, 2-5pm Group DELTA
03/05/2019         2-5pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
10/05/2019        10am-1pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
23/05/2019        10am-1pm and 2-5pm Group GAMMA
24/05/2019        10am-1pm and 2-5pm Group DELTA
29/05/2019         2-5pm Group GAMMA+DELTA
30/05/2019         2-5pm Group GAMMA+DELTA

Classes with no room indicated in the timetable will be at Campus X, Sala Alfa (except March 13,14,15 in Pozzuoli)


The course is scheduled for the Fall semester.
Time schedule not available