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Informazioni sull'esame di domani

Wednesday 09 September 2020

Dear All,

sorry this message was not for you but for the course in Italian!




il codice per l'esame di domani è


L'esame sarà scritto, fatto come integrazione di Teams e Moodle. E' facile e vien automatica ... comunque invito chi non ha molta esperienza in questo ambito a guardarsi il pdf a questo link:


Vi spiega passo a passo come fare a collegarvi. Provatelo in anticipo così domani siete sicuri che funzioni (chiaramente non troverete ancora la prova di esame, ma quella la pubblico domani mattina dopo che siete tutti pronti).

Ci vediamo su Teams alle 9:45 così riusciamo a partire puntuali con l'esame. Tenete sotto mano un documento di identità.

Cordiali saluti 


Overall results - second call

Thursday 02 July 2020

Dear All,

the results of the second call are on the course website. ... 

To all of you, all the best for your future!


Exam structure and evaluation criteria for theoretical part

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Dear All,

the detailed exam structure as well as the evaluation criteria are on the course website. ... as you will see the total mark of this section goes up to 32 (potentially 34) = 5 x 4 + 2 * 5 + 2 (plus +- 2). This part will weight 80% of the final grade.

In the physical word, exams are public ... nevertheless I recognize that having them online is a bit more stressful. Therefore if you all agree, I can prepare a break-out room where I invite the candidate one buy one. Please let discuss among you and let me know what you prefer.

All the best


Change in the timing of our final class tomorrow - at 10:00 am and not at 2:00pm

Thursday 04 June 2020

Dear All,

I've made a major mistake in planning ... I need to ask you to anticipate the class to 10:00am.

The case discussion with Emilio and Stephen will remain as 2pm as agreed. ... The change in the timing is just for my final class.

Please let me know if any of you has got major problem.

All the best

Corrado Cerruti


NTT data agility game - today

Thursday 21 May 2020

For those who are engaged in the agility game today ... remember to be on time!

Moreover remember to access the shared Google slide whose linked I sent you yesterday. It is an empty presentation that will be useful to you for the grouup work

See you on newrow at 11:50


Group project presentations on June 3rd

Thursday 21 May 2020

Dear All,

confirmed as we discussed!


Free Coursera certifications

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Dear All,

thanks to a partnership of MscBA with Coursera, we are proud to give you the opportunity to attend online the Innovation Management course ... and you will also the possibility to get the respective certifications for free (provided you successfully complete the digital course requirements by September 30th).

Please let me remind you that this MOOC is not strictly required for the exam ... however these topics might be relevant for your future career!

If you are interested, please fill the form at the following link:

our colleagues from the programme office will enable you to access our MScBA area within Coursera and enroll in this course.

Let me remind you that if go beyond the minimum requirement and target the whole course (including the free certifications) you will have to accomplish them (or one of them) by September 30th. Should you miss the September 30th deadline, you will not receive the certification for free ... this is not something that you/we can negotiate. It is a rigid cut-off

All the best

Corrado Cerruti

P.S.: You will see that the access to the platform will give you the possibility to choose among a wide variety of course ... target this course at first and then eventually you can add a couple more. However as you will see getting acouple of certification is not easy at all!

For those who are attending the agility workshop: Survey on Business Analysis maturity level (from IIBA - International Institute of Business Analysis)

Monday 18 May 2020

Ciao Corrado,


Dear All,

Cristina Partenoster is also a Director at the IIBA - International Institute of Business Analysis, a non-profit association that is moving forward the field of Business Analysis.

They have recently launched a survey with the goal to measure the maturity level of this discipline, worldwide (and in Italy), mainly in the companies but allso at the universities.

I'm sure you agree with me that Cristina is a very nice and a very committed person and that she deserves that we all fill in the questionnaire of the IIBA at


Please consider that: you should qualify as "students" and include as to business "Education" ... in general do not consider much the questions related to the profile of the company in which you work, as it is not much relevant but focus a lot on the what you know about Business Analysis.

At the end of the questionnaire you will find an Ambassador code ... please include BAOB53 so that Cristina will know that the questionnaire is coming from someone attending this course.

Let me already thank on behalf of Cristina for your participation!


Agility game groups and rules - for those who enrolled in this extra session

Sunday 17 May 2020

Dear All,

in the course website, those of you who showed an interest will find the groups composition as well as the rules to be followed.

As you will see each day you will be splitted in two big groups (if I'm not wrong, you should be all next Thursday!) ...  Strictly follow the group composition that Cristina prepared and go in the virtual room that your group will have been assigned.

Please read carefully the rules and be on time the day of your game (be ready at 11:50). The activities are time-boxed and you need to be super sharp and precise otherwise your group will not manage to keep the pace!

I'm sure you will be surprise (and you will surprise us) with how agility can be applied.

All the best


Today - final class on Agility with NTT Data on newrow

Thursday 14 May 2020

Dear All,

let me remind you that in a few minutes we will be having the last class on agility (before the agility game next week).

See you soon on newrow!

All the best


Class today or on June 3rd?

Wednesday 13 May 2020

Dear All,

some of you reported me a problem in attending the class today beacuse of a conflicting schedule with a compulsory event in Global Governance but also I've realized that starting at 16 I have got a conflicting class in another programme. 

Considering all this, let me propose you that we might have:

- either today a class that will last 2 hours and not 3 hours (meaning from 14 to 16) ... and get an extra hour sometime next week

- or a postponement of the class to June 3rd

Please discuss it with Serena and then let me know your decision. Sorry for the short notice.

All the best


NTT Data workshop next week -> www.newrow.com

Sunday 10 May 2020

Dear all,

those of you who booked for taking part to the NTT Data agile seminar next week:  you will have to visit the following webpage www.newrow.com

It doesn't matter whether you have or not receive the link from Carmine ... just go there, register with the same e-mail you provided me, add your password and proceed!

Automatically you will directed to a webpage where you will find the NTT Data workshop on agility. Try it today or tomorrow morning early enough to have time for contacting me in in case you find any troble in accessing it.

Please let me highlight that only Chrome and Firefox are supported! So this is the first check you will have to make (and if you use a different browser, download one of these two)

All the best


NTT data on Agile Methodologies - Book your place for the workshop

Wednesday 06 May 2020


Lectures on agility: https://economia.uniroma2.it/master-science/ba/home/678-1652/digital-management-consulting-guest-lectures-on-agility-by-ntt-data

Wednesday 06 May 2020

In preparation of the classes

Sunday 03 May 2020

Dear All,

in the course web site you can find the new sets of slides, so that you can follow easier

Plus, before the classes, please have a look at:

for topic 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxmookUeLJc

for topic 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Njo1dQglfU