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Updated A.Y. 2020-2021

Course Description

The course explains what innovation mean and how companies are managing the innovation process. The course provides an overview of the basic innovation management frameworks and then focus on the analysis of the business model innovation and on the role of IT systems in driving innovation.

The innovation management concepts are put in practice with the support of Nautilus, an innovation management comprehensive model.

The relevance of IT tools will be tested through a simulation game based on an ERP/SAP.

The focus of this course is on developing pragmatic and action-oriented analytical skills supported by a mix of innovation management standard framework coupled with illustrative cases and managerial tools.

The objectives of the course are:

  • to develop an understanding of the innovation management process;
  • to understand and apply the analytical tools and lenses used by managers for moving innovation projects throughout the organization into the market;
  • to understand how and why innovation decisions are taken;
  • to follow an innovation journey through a specific innovation management framework (Nautilus);
  • to assess the role of IT systems and evaluate the strategic impact of new technologies.

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