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Academic Internship

Research Assistant Internship - 2021/2022 A.Y.

Students who are regularly enrolled in the 2021/2022 academic year as a first or second year student of MSc Economics may choose to complete a Research Assistant Internship through the Department of Economics and Finance and have the opportunity to earn 6 CFU for the completion of 150 hours of internship activity related to the following areas:

Research Projects

Gender in Academia
Tutor: Prof. Marianna Brunetti
Selected R.A.: Jacopo Pitari

Meritocracy or Aristocracy? International mobility in the education sector
Tutor: Prof. Andrea Attar and Prof. Federico Belotti
Selected R.A.: Valentina D'Anna

The effect of in-utero stress on birth outcomes: evidence from earthquakes in Italy
Tutor: Prof. Daniela Vuri and Prof. Vincenzo Atella
Selected R.A.: Andrea Mastroeni

The Italian Migration through Ellis Island, 1880-1924
Tutor: Prof. Stefano Gagliarducci
Selected R.A.: Lorenzo Bruno

Urban accessibility: Italy, 1900-2020
Tutor: Prof. Carlo Ciccarelli

Waste policies, corruption and fly tipping
Tutor: Prof. Alessio D’Amato
Selected R.A.: Elena Parisi


To apply, interested students should submit their Transcript of Exams, CV and motivation letter in which the chosen project is indicated (max 2 projects) and in which the student’s motivation for application is explained. All applications should be sent to the MSc Economics Program Office msc_economics@economia.uniroma2.it, by 9 January 2022.
Each project will be able to host one research assistant.
Applicants will receive a confirmation or rejection by the end of January 2022. 

Formalizing the Internship

The Research Assistant Internship will be activated through the Desk Imprese Office. The selected studentes will be contacted by Desk Imprese to complete the required forms (e.g. Learning Agreement).

Study Plan & credit recognition

Students who successfully complete the internship as well as the final report, which will be evaluated by the professor in charge, may send a request to the MSc Economics Program Office msc_economics@economia.uniroma2.it for credit recognition for the completed Internship. In order to earn the foreseen credits (6) students must complete the academic internship and inform the MSc Economics Program Office at least 45 days before graduation.